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More Migliorini-type madness needed against Wanderers

Who hasn’t been a bit inspired by Andrea Migliorini’s two great goals against Adelaide? His efforts fired up the players and the home crowd last week, now we need more of the same from the Heart this weekend. Max and Ash take a look at the week that was and what will be.

Melbourne Heart VS Adelaide United
Ash: The Yarraside’s silent protest during the first half created a very eerie atmosphere. With Mifsud misfiring a few times, defenders making bad mistakes, and ending up with 2 goals down, you could just feel it in the guts. Then the second half started with a bang, Yarraside were as loud as what they ever have been, and Migliorini kicked those 2 great goals. We were looking like a different team. Then Williams got the 3rd to put us in front! I cannot remember the last time that Heart actually won from being down 2 nil, if they ever had. Unfortunately Heart’s luck run out with Adelaide’s equalizer coming from a free kick, which rebounded off Murdocca’s head.

Max: I stared at my twitter feed in disbelief…could the Heart have really bounced back from 2-0 down?! I couldn’t get to the game and how I regret not being there to celebrate with our fans that second half performance, especially those 2 wonder goals from Migliorini – finally someone stood up to inspire the team and restore some belief! How relieved Aloisi and the club must have been to witness this turn around, albeit in front of a lowly crowd, and then how disappointing to not hold on for the win. We shouldn’t pin any blame on giving away that free kick from which Adelaide scored; we have to look at why we didn’t score more goals from excellent chances earlier in the game. I’ve been giving Mifsud the benefit of the doubt for weeks now, but his lack of poise and conviction to score prove he wasn’t the right acquisition. The Mig has proven he can make and take his chances, so why wouldn’t the club do whatever it can to keep a player in great form and release one who’s not? One thing I wondered about the penalty we won – instead of Williams, could Mifsud have taken up the responsibility, if anything to prove to himself that he can score when it matters?

Heart’s stats against WSW (Win/Draw/Lost): 0/0/4(Source: Ultimate A-league)

Our Predictions for Western Sydney Wanderers VS Melbourne Heart:
Ash:Our stats against WSW is played 4 and lost 4. This will be a Mount Everest challenge for the team. If they wanted a turning point match, then this would be a perfect time and club to do it against. I am still down in the gutter, and not sure if we can do it. Looking at the players, this is a game where Kewell needs to come back in and be the star player. We only have Migliorini for, I hear, 2 more weeks, he has become one of our main goal scorers. Not only that all his goals have been outside the box and all have been great goals. If I was in the decision making room I would probably say goodbye to Mifsud and give Migliorini a contract for the rest of the season, because at the moment Heart have all the international spots taken and the Italian is only an injury replacement. If we don’t sign him he could go to another A-League club based on his performances so far.

I am tipping Heart will most likely lose this one, a great result would be a draw and as always would love to see a win.

Max: Equally as exasperating as Mifsud has been the Kewell situation, every week recently we’ve wondered if he will return. This is the game where his experience would be invaluable. Regardless of Kewell, we showed against WSW at home recently that we can match it with this well-drilled unit. Wanderers will have a few key players missing at a time when they look indifferent, whereas the Heart’s desperation to prove itself off the back of a rousing performance should see us not slump back to our typical lethargic away form. But we need a display of courage in the face of Western Sydney’s home ground fire, it’s time players like Golgol and Ramsay stood up and turned good approach work into goals. If Murdocca or Migliorini create the chances, we need others to apply a killer finish. I predict an encouraging draw for the Heart.

The reason for the Yarraside silence

If you went to the Melbourne Heart Vs Adelaide United match, or watched it on Foxtel, you might have been wondering ‘why the silence from Yarraside?’.

Here is there statement taken from the Yarraside facebook page, Yarraside:

“Attention fellow Yarrasiders and Melbourne Heart supporters,

Yarraside leadership believe that the club’s on field performance needs to be addressed immediately. We feel that positive change is required for our beloved club to reach its full potential.

Therefore, Yarraside will be undertaking a silent sit down protest during the first half(only) of the Adelaide game on Sunday 1 December.

This demonstration will occur regardless of our form/result against Newcastle today and our first half performance against Adelaide next week.

The Capo will direct the proceedings on the day.

We urge all supporters to join us in a show of solidarity in a bid to highlight the need for positive onfield change.


The first half of the match was a very different experience, didn’t feel like a football match at all, so silent. Yet the second half seem to be the opposite, the atmosphere was very electric.

During Yarraside’s silent protest, a few non active members shouted their views towards the active supporters area, which is also fine. Everyone is allowed to have their own views and opinions. I for sure have my own.

One thing I believe did come out of this match is that all of the Melbourne Heart members who went to the match are all passionate and want Heart to win.

Another week, another chance to turn it around

It was the same old same old from the Heart last weekend, but we did get a goal. Now we take on Adelaide United at home, who are also struggling. Max and Ash look at the week that was and what will be.

Newcastle Jets VS Melbourne Heart
Ash: Once again we did what we have been good at – losing an away match. I was really hoping for our first win, maybe a draw, but Taggart was on fire and his goals were great to watch. I hear he is not on contract so maybe Heart could grab him in the transfer window in January… What can be said about this game, it just seems like a broken record, and we need somehow to change it. I was at my local pub watching this match with friends, and there was another A-League fan watching it. Of course he was a Jets supporter. That’s the luck that we have been getting, nothing going our way at all.

Max: We came up against a team growing in confidence following a number of wins and the difference between the teams was obvious. Heart’s lack of self-assurance showed in numerous wayward passes that gave possession back to the Jets too easily and allowed them to create goals. How deflating it was to see error after error… It was good to see Kisnorbo and Migliorini back from injury, but the defence backed off too often and our midfield failed to put enough pressure on Newcastle. Scoring a goal must have served as some relief for the team in what was another typical away game.

Heart’s Overall Home Game Stats:
Won 16 / Drawn 14 / Lost 15 (Source: Ultimate A-league)

The Heart’s good home record has taken a hit recently. Now we need a win to ensure winning remains our dominant result.

Our Predictions for Melbourne Heart VS Adelaide United:
Ash: The active bay are going to be having a 20 minutes silence at this match during this match. We need something to happen. All I can say is make sure you come along and help support the club. If we lose Aloisi is really going to be under the pump, already over the last few weeks the hashtag #aloisiout has been very active, he must be feeling it. I am hoping for our first win for the season. Go Heart.

Max: The reported return of Harry Kewell after his long absence and the increasing pressure on Aloisi adds more interesting storylines to this must-win game. Adelaide have a few points to prove too so it will be a competitive tussle. As much as the Heart will press hard for a win, I see a draw as the likely result.

Can we break our losing streak?

Not only is the Heart losing away games but now we have lost our home edge too. What hope is there that we can stop the rot this week versus the Jets in Newcastle? Max and Ash go over the week that was and what’s up today.

Heart VS Sydney FC
Ash: Heart really looked like it was struggling under the pressure in this crucial home game. We will go over our shortcomings in more detail in another post, but whether it is injuries, the coach, the players, they all need to get themselves playing like a team and starting to win matches.

Max: As someone else commented, the Heart made Sydney look like world-beaters. ADP showed again why he’s a class player and Sydney did put on a disciplined display. Heart to their credit showed their desire to not go down without a fight, throwing everything into the last 20 minutes to no avail… just one goal back may helped the confidence rebound a touch.

The Stats against Newcastle Jets:
– Overall (Win/Draw/Loss): 3/2/4

Our Predictions for Jets VS Heart:
Ash: We really need to at least get back into some points scoring form, and for this match I would gladly have a draw if it means a step toward winning some games. Maybe last week was a big wake up call for the team, I’ll be happy for a 1 all draw.

Max: The Jets are on a bit of a roll, whereas the Heart will be making every effort to dig themselves out of a deepening pit. To stay in touch with other teams, Aloisi must show he’s prepared to do whatever it takes with whoever he’s got to at least get a point. If Misfud or others aren’t taking their chances, then he should make changes. A draw.