Band Profile: secLuse

Band Name:
Band members:
David and Andrea

Type of music:
Downtempo Electronic Music
How long have you been together?
2 years ago David and Andrea met when they worked together at a Melbourne internet company. After moving on to other jobs both were playing in other bands that eventually wound up.  David had always wanted to do a Bjork/Portishead project but needed a singer to realise the vision.  David called Andrea and secLuse was born.
Best gig experience and Venue?
We haven’t gigged yet but I can give you highlight of the weirdest gig I have played.
I was in a bad funk/pop Chilli peppers type group and some how we got invited to play at a Bikie gang headquarters.
The guy who invited us was digging it but most of the other gang members stood in a line in front of the stage with their backs to us and only turned around between songs to tell us how shit they thought we were… good times.
Next gig dates and venues?
  • Gigging early 2015
  • 2nd EP due for release December 2014
  • Oh and Andrea is having a baby in October with her husband, Adam.  🙂

Does anyone in the band follow the A-League?
Dave is from New Zealand so Rugby is more his thing.
If so, which A-League club do they support?
I do keep an eye on the Pheonix  (usually makes for depressing reading 🙂 )
If not, favourite sport?
Did I say Rugby already
Favourite foods and drinks?
Anything Asian or anything that is beer flavoured.  Is beer flavoured ice cream a thing yet?

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