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We are all about Melbourne City FC.

Regular Contributors:

  • Hayden (twitter: @joneshmj): Co-Founder of TheBigHeart, editor, writer, publisher for the site.
  • Ash (twitter: @ashjacnic): Co-Founder of TheBigHeart, writer, technical and social media person for the site.
  • Hakan (twitter: @Hakz7): Writer.
  • Liam (twitter: @lmj_1983): podcast show co host.

Other Contributors that write for us, from time to time:

If you would like to contribute an article about Melbourne City (on a regular basis or once off) contact us on: ash@thebigheart.co.

This is just a fan site for Melbourne City FC and football in general. Please respect our point of views as we will respect yours, so feel free, if you wish, to make comments on any of our blogs. We understand that not everyone will see things the way we do, but if we deem that any post are untoward in any way, shape or form and/or might hurt someone else, we will delete your post.

So, please enjoy and go City!