City finished 2014 on a win, will they start 2015 with a win?


City finished their great performance in December with a win away. Showing that it wasn’t just home advantage but they seem to have hit some winning form.

Newcastle Jets VS Melbourne City:
City travelled to Hunter stadium for this match.

With Koren and Duff in the squad and starting eleven, our forward line up had a completely different look to what we have been used too. With the international stars coming in Dugandzic and Williams both took to the bench for the start.

Koren become the second person, in our short history, to score a hat trick for City, along with him Duff and Mooy were also able to add to the scoreboard, making the final score 5-2 in City’s favour. It was great to see the attacking line up doing what needed to be done and getting the goals, which seemed to be where City had issues for most of the first part of the season.

Our defence had their usual flakey moments which help the Jets create some good goals of their own. Maybe one of the negatives from the match would be to address these moments that our defence still seem to have (from the old Heart days).

Overall it was a great performance from City.

Central Coast Mariners VS Melbourne City:
This game sees Germano coming back from injury and also Retre being promoted, while Melling is out due to suspension. It will be interesting to see the starting line up for the match with players starting to show they are determined to stay in the starting line up.

With the way City has been playing along with the issues hovering over the Mariners this is certainly a match City should capitalise on.

Go City!