The Big Heart for me in 2012/13

20130425-091615.jpgAt the start of 2012, I decided to give myself a challenge, and that was to blog for the year. This started out with blogging about movies, some F1, and generally writing about nothing. Then leading up to the 2012/13 A-League season, along with my friend Max, we decided to create a Melbourne Heart fan blog site.

The movie blogging went well, I think, I kept the layout simple, and on a monthly basis. The toughest part was when MIFF2012 was on. In that two week period I went to over 35 movies, and of course wrote a blog for each one. In one way, I was relieved when the festival was over and I could get back into my normal daily routine. After MIFF, my blogging slowed down due to preparing TheBigHeart site and getting it up and ready for round one of the A-League.

Going by my movie blogs from the first half of the year, I decided to set our football site goals low and achievable for the season, and I didn’t expect too much activity, mainly from our family and friends. Another of my targets and goals for the site was to inform my family and friends of my passion for Melbourne Heart. Looking back on the year and A-League season, I think I totally under estimated how passionate my fellow Heart supporters are. In the first month we hit the goals I was expecting to hit for the whole year, and it just got better and better. We received such huge support from the members, fans and to my surprise the club itself. Melbourne Heart even provided, both Max and I, the opportunity to be able to sit pitch side for a game, and go behind the scenes and into the press conference. I never believed that TheBigHeart was going to open so many doors, so quickly.

I never considered myself a movie critic, like my friends, “Hell is for Hyphenates” or a sports writer, just a blogger. That is someone writing about things they are passionate about. What am I looking to achieve in the next part of 2013 with my blogs? I have decided not to keep the movie blogs going, and mainly concentrate on TheBigHeart site. Working out ways of improving TheBigHeart, and how we can help increase the profile of Melbourne Heart. I would also like to say a big thank you to all our followers, fellow members and Melbourne Heart FC for helping making the site such a success for the 2012/13 season. We look forward to it continuing into the next season.